Incurable Curiosity

In-cur-able: (adj.) Not likely to be changed. Cu-ri-os-i-ty: (n) A desire to know.

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Photo Series 2: Still Life

Still Life. It’s a style of photography that I hadn’t really looked at before this challenge. I’d always associated it with paintings. And I figured it would be an uninteresting couple of weeks.

There’s a kind of science to still life that can’t be produced in the genres I’m used to – in fact, I always leaned away from manipulating the subjects of my photography (mostly flowers or outdoor scenes). I didn’t expect to enjoy staging a shot, especially when it was late at night and I realized that I hadn’t touched the camera all day. But enjoy it I did. Yes, I missed a couple of days here and there, but when I took the time to do it right, the effort was worth it.

Looking through the collection, it’s pretty obvious that I didn’t spend as much time on this series as I should have. I think I like Day 22 the best – it was certainly the most fun of the series to photograph, and I think the line of the flower is good. As seen in days 19, 22, 23, and 28, I like playing with shadows.

What do you think? Which side did I play in the chess game? Is there something you’d like to see in my upcoming series, Black & White? Comment below!


Photo Series 1: Macro Photography

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When I was planning my year-long photo project, I thought it would be a good idea to start off with a style of photography that I’m already familiar with: Macro. I got really used to shooting in macro with my point-and-shoot, and I thought it would be much the same with the new DSLR. In fact, the opposite was true; due to a lack of understanding of flash vs. natural lighting, I actually gave up on learning the macro mode right off and ended up utilizing the Creative+ feature for most of the last two weeks.

My subjects ranged from flowers to clock keys to my mother’s quilting project, and everything in between. Day 1 was a shot of sheet music – the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme, quite appropriately. On day 4 I found myself doing a photo shoot of a bush in my front yard. Day 9 is an antique clock key. Day 10 features what I’m still reading, a Christmas gift copy of ‘The Hobbit’. I had kind of given up on day 11, hence the poorly-lit fabric detail. However, that is immediately followed by the awesome day 12, when I got to photograph a baby shower. Macro series ended with a close-up of a needle and thread.

Next Up: Still Life.

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Toms Creek Falls

It’s summer. Where’s the best place to go when it’s summer in the south? The mountains. It’s been awhile since my family has gone waterfall hunting, and this past weekend was perfect for a road trip, so we looked up some spots in North Carolina and planned a morning venture. This lovely waterfall is hidden away in the mountains of western North Carolina. There are a few write-ups about it already (this one is very detailed), so I’m just going to post pictures from our .5-mile trek along the trail.

I actually took over 100 pictures during the hour we were at the falls. Hey, you can’t expect me to go somewhere so pretty and not be snapping pictures every 5 seconds. Not if there’s life in my batteries and room on my memory card, you don’t. And believe me, I have enough extra batteries to last a while.

How far will you travel to escape the heat?


Spring is Here: A Tiny Look at Things Sprung

Spring has come early to the South, with all of its allergy-inducing beauty. Here are some close-up extracts of what I’ve captured between sneezes:

A pink camellia – lovely things until they drop to the ground in a soggy, rotting mess.

A purple azalea bud about ready to burst open. I was lucky to catch this before the bees invaded.

Pink dogwood – aren’t they lovely? A breeze was making them dance when I took this shot.

A yellow bush flower. Note the dew-drops; photo taken on a morning walk.

The first bloom on a tea rose bush that my mother saved from a cutting. She has quite the green thumb.

I don’t know what this pretty white flower is, but it’s overtaking a garden spot.

In person this rose looks like it’s made of velvet. 

The swirls on this petite bloom are mesmerizing. 

I cannot resist sky shots!

And that’s a short look at our early floral season. We’ve been hit by a few cold snaps of late, but everything seems to have survived.

A Week in Maine: Things Learned

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I recently went on a week-long visit to the pine tree state. It’s absolutely beautiful in the fall, and I can see why New England is so popular with artists and authors. There are some things you need to know before going to Maine, though. Here are some of the things I learned on this trip up the Downeast coastline:

  • Trust your instinct before you trust a GPS.
  • You can follow the North Star up Route 1.
  • When traveling to Maine, prepare for a variety of weather possibilities. It can snow there in June, and it can be 95 degrees in October (although both are incredibly rare).
  • It is possible to walk almost a mile out to sea.
  • Butterflies are meant to be chased.
  • The ocean can sound like thunder.
  • It is possible to get into Canada without a passport, but you do need documentation to get back over the border.
  • An American president kept a summer home on a New Brunswick island.
  • When offered a history lesson served with tea and cookies, take it – especially if the lesson ends with homemade birthday cake being served.
  • Not all beaches are made of sand.
  • Tombstone carvers make mistakes too.
  • ‘Set in Stone’ does not guarantee legibility 100 years later.
  •  The best hot chocolate is made when you order it and is topped with freshly-whipped cream.
  • Sunlight can fall like rain.

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