Incurable Curiosity

In-cur-able: (adj.) Not likely to be changed. Cu-ri-os-i-ty: (n) A desire to know.

Photo Series 1: Macro Photography

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When I was planning my year-long photo project, I thought it would be a good idea to start off with a style of photography that I’m already familiar with: Macro. I got really used to shooting in macro with my point-and-shoot, and I thought it would be much the same with the new DSLR. In fact, the opposite was true; due to a lack of understanding of flash vs. natural lighting, I actually gave up on learning the macro mode right off and ended up utilizing the Creative+ feature for most of the last two weeks.

My subjects ranged from flowers to clock keys to my mother’s quilting project, and everything in between. Day 1 was a shot of sheet music – the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme, quite appropriately. On day 4 I found myself doing a photo shoot of a bush in my front yard. Day 9 is an antique clock key. Day 10 features what I’m still reading, a Christmas gift copy of ‘The Hobbit’. I had kind of given up on day 11, hence the poorly-lit fabric detail. However, that is immediately followed by the awesome day 12, when I got to photograph a baby shower. Macro series ended with a close-up of a needle and thread.

Next Up: Still Life.


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