Incurable Curiosity

In-cur-able: (adj.) Not likely to be changed. Cu-ri-os-i-ty: (n) A desire to know.

On Joining the Dark Side: A Pinterest Member I Am

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Ok, I finally caved in. I joined Pinterest today. Have I gone crazy, turned into a crafty-wanna-be who has nothing but time and no time at all? I certainly hope not. Did I join for some greater cause, to show how Pinterest “should” be used? Not in the least.

I joined because I wanted to have a place to collect ideas outside my own memory. I’ve already set up boards for this year’s NaNoWriMo and next year’s Project 365*. At the moment they’re empty, but I’m curious to see how this tool can be used to further my creative goals.

In other words, I’ll be using the site to supplement my own ideas, not to copy someone else’s. Given my history of starting projects that  will likely never be finished, this may or may not work out in the end.

So, will Pinterest replace my notebooks and random scraps of paper? I doubt it. Pictures are nice, but I still love my little paper trail of inspiration.

*Updates are coming soon. No, really. I have actual plans this time.


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