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Getting Things Done: A Review

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My thoughts on a very popular time management book. For some reason the above picture of farming equipment seemed to fit. That and I didn’t want to assault my readers with a picture of the overly-smug book cover.

Title: Getting Things Done. Author: David Allen. Year of Original Publishing: 2002. Genre: Self-Help.

Full Disclosure: I only read half the book and skimmed the rest, but I’m still writing a review. Read on to find out why.

Summary: A system of filing and list-making to better manage time and decision-making. Essentially: Figure out what you’ve got to do, write down every action associated with each task, file that list according to when the task must be done, do the task, and feel good about having done the task.

My Thoughts: I’m sure there are some good ideas in there. Unfortunately, the author failed to include a flowchart on how to get through the cluttered and repetitive writing to those good ideas. How can a book so little be cluttered and repetitive? I don’t know, but I’ve never read a book that accomplished such a thing so successfully. Everything promised on the back cover is contained in the first two chapters. Beyond that is fluff. Don’t take this review the wrong way; I’m not discounting the value of the system as a whole, I just think it could be presented more concisely.

Conclusion: Evidently the author didn’t have an action plan for evaluating the attention span of his audience. Or maybe that was delegated?


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