Incurable Curiosity

In-cur-able: (adj.) Not likely to be changed. Cu-ri-os-i-ty: (n) A desire to know.

What I’ve Been Up To

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Hello readers, I know there’s been a lag of posting since NaNoWriMo, but I have been working on some new ideas. Now I need to get the ideas into words. Here’s what you can expect to see in the next few weeks:

  • MBTI-related research. I’m currently working on applying personality theory to literature: writing style, character development, and what it can tell us about historical context.
  • Writing sketches. I’ve found a really cool blog for writers who need some prompting. Check it out.
  • More book reviews. I have a pretty awesome list of books to go through, and I’ll share the highlights.
  • Stories worth telling. I know, this is an old project that has been neglected, but there are some fascinating stories begging to be told.
There’ll be lots of random things thrown in as well – photos, cool quotes, maybe even something about learning how to play disc golf.
Stay curious!


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